Enables Improved Substrate and MOCVD Process


Product Description

The Candela®8720 enables substrate and epi process control with the highest sensitivity to critical defects for power device manufacturers.With its proprietary optical design and detection technology, the Candela 8720 detects and classifies sub-micron defects that are not consistently identified by current inspection methods—thereby enabling for the first time a production-line monitor for yield-limiting defects.

The Candela 8720 provides:

  • Automated defect inspection system for substrate and epitaxy layers enables yield improvement and excursion control
  • High sensitivity inspection of critical epitaxy defects improves Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) reactor uptime and process yield
  • Qualifies incoming substrates and accelerates ramp to larger wafers
  • Early detection of process excursions reduces wafers at risk and improves time-to-root cause
The Candela 8720 integrates surface defect detection and photoluminescence technology in one inspection platform.

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