As a member of the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program, KLA -Tencor is committed to ensuring a safe and secure supply chain. One of our company's primary goals is to prevent cargo loss and cargo tampering, including the introduction of illegal merchandise, such as drugs and weapons of mass destruction, into our cargo boxes and shipping containers.

To assure the appropriate level of import compliance with C-TPAT standards, KLA -Tencor  encourage  key suppliers and logistics providers who participate in its US importation process to follow these security best practices:

  • Acquire and maintain C-TPAT certification status, or equivalent certification status such as Authorized Economic Operators
  • Immediately notify KLA-Tencor in the event of a change in C-TPAT or C-TPAT equivalent status.
  • In the event a supplier or logistics provider chooses not to participate in a government sanctioned supply chain security program, KLA-Tencor encourages adherence to standards set by the U.S. C-TPAT program. Some of the critical areas are highlighted here:
    • Secure and restrict access to all cargo loading and handling areas and all transportation equipment storage areas related to product that will be imported by KLA-Tencor into the U.S.
    • Secure, protect and restrict access to all electronic data systems, documentation and other information related to KLA-Tencor cargo shipments.
    • Ensure that all information and data used in the processing of cargo is legible, complete, accurate and protected against the exchange, loss or introduction of erroneous information as it relates to KLA-Tencor.
    • Ensure that computer systems are secure, including the use of passwords, current anti-virus and anti-spy software, to prevent infiltration.
    • Secure its facilities from unauthorized access. This may include electronic access systems, fencing, security guards, security cameras and lighting.
    • Train staff on identifying and reporting suspicious people, activities, objects and packages.
    • Train shipping staff to properly inspect all merchandise and containers prior to loading and releasing from the facility.
    • Pre-screen, evaluate and monitor employees for suspicious or unusual information.
    • Regularly evaluate, self-assess and upgrade its supply chain security procedures and internal controls.

For more information about the C-TPAT program, eligibility or security criteria, please visit the US Customs web portal:

In the event of an actual breach in security or suspected breach in security related to product shipment that will be imported by KLA-Tencor into the U.S. please notify KLA-Tencor immediately at