Multi-functional Measurement System for 180nm Design Rule

Product Highlights:

Next-generation standard for 180nm wafers
  • Measures more than 38,000 data points
  • Edge exclusion to 1 mm
  • E-Plus technology emulation mode

The UltraGage 9900 with E-Squared™ Gage technology is the next generation industry standard for wafer geometry characterization at 180 nm design rules. The 9900 meets SIA performance requirements for 200 mm wafer processing. The high data density, non-contact measurements and fully automated operation, make the 9900 an ideal process analysis, development and control tool. It is ideal for checking outgoing wafer quality at silicon manufacturers, incoming wafer quality and photolithography.


Silicon Manufacturing
With both E-Squared and E-Plus Emulation modes, the 9900 can characterize wafers for 180 nm and greater line widths. The broad range of capabilities, including 1 mm edge exclusion, site flatness, global flatness, shape and an optional wafer typing gage, make the 9900 a versatile and expandable tool. The tighter accuracy and repeatability of the 9900 translates into higher yields at final inspection. With features such as automatic thickness calibration and storable calibration parameters, cost of ownership is reduced.


Global and site flatness data can be used to predict photolithographic yield based on wafer geometry. The 9900 allows selection of site size, layout, offset and reference planes in order to emulate a stepper recipe. By optimizing for stepper leveling and focus characteristics, lithographic yield is improved.


Incoming Quality Control
The 9900 can identify material which is out of the specified range, before it causes yield loss in downstream processes. Supplier quality can be checked and monitored. The worldwide correlation capability of K-T Certified's ADE equipment eliminates the risk of inappropriate material acceptance or rejection.


Sample E-Squared
High Resolution Wafer Map

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