Product Description

The TeraStar reticle inspection system provides photomask and IC manufacturers with powerful technological and productivity features that enable maximum yields from today’s complex low-k1 reticles. Using triple-beam inspection with synchronous STARlight™ and pattern inspection algorithms, the TeraStar reticle inspection system provides three times the scan speed of previous generation inspection systems. Revolutionary Tera algorithms remove current barriers on linewidth, advanced optical proximity correction (OPC), and phase shift mask (PSM) geometries. TeraStar's low false defect rate and high-speed inspection deliver substantially lower reticle verification costs. Its high throughput and sensitivity make TeraStar ideal for pre-and post-pelliclization inspection in photomask manufacturing operations, as well as for incoming quality control and reticle re-qualification in wafer fabs. Optional defect simulation software assists mask shops and wafer fabs in analyzing how reticle defects print on wafers.


  • High sensitivity to pattern and contamination defects on the chrome surface of the reticle
  • High resolution to inspect advanced optical proximity correction (OPC) and phase shift mask (PSM) reticles
  • Three times or more the productivity of previous generation systems
  • Inspection of the pellicle surface and backside of reticles for new particles added
  • Low cost of ownership (CoO) and best protection in a low-k1 environment
  • Superior review images, improved resolution, and better defect review tools
  • Low false defect counts shorten time to review defects and minimize operator error
  • Provides both die-to-die and die-to-database inspection
  • Provides concurrent multiple-inspection capability
  • Enables detection and disposition of very small energy flux variations on the reticle
  • Maintains high productivity inspection with low false and nuisance defects on most PSM designs