All-Plane Reticle Inspection System


Product Description

The TeraScanXR reticle inspection system brings high-resolution reticle-, aerial-plane and wafer-plane inspection capability to the 32nm node. This new inspection tool, an extension of existing TeraScan reticle inspection systems, is designed to provide mask manufacturers better sensitivity, lower cost-per-inspection and faster mask dispositioning. In addition, the TeraScanXR was the first reticle inspection tool on the market to supply the complete set of inspection planes: high resolution reticle-plane inspection (RPI) to capture process defects during development and manufacturing; aerial-plane inspection (API) to filter out certain types of non-printing defects including SRAF non-uniformities; and wafer-plane inspection (WPI) to determine which reticle defects will print on the wafer.

  • Improvements to overall sensitivity in die-to-die and die-to-database modes meet 32nm requirements and allow pixel migration on less critical layers.
  • Ability to perform simultaneous transmitted- and reflected-light inspections ensures broadest capture of defect types with no throughput impact.
  • Automatic MEEF-based sensitivity adjustment and SRAF nuisance suppression enable inspectability improvements for advanced reticles.
  • Defect printability predictions take MEEF into account for greater accuracy.
  • Simultaneous process defect detection and printability assessment accelerate mask dispositioning
  • A substantial throughput improvement makes TeraScanXR up to three times as fast as its predecessor, TeraScanHR.
  • Upgrading any TeraScan 5xx system to TeraScanXR is the most cost-effective path to 32nm.
Note:   MEEF = Mask Error Enhancement Factor
  SRAF = Sub-Resolution Assist Feature
  • Pre-repair mask inspection in production
  • Mask OQC inspection
  • Mask process development and control


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