Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) Reticle Inspection



Product Description

  • Most comprehensive and lowest cost-of-ownership reticle defect inspection solution for sub-90nm design rules
  • Industry-leading sensitivity to detect classical defects (intrusions, extrusions, and point defects) as small as 80nm, and critical dimension (CD) defects as small as 50nm
  • Inspects numerous reticle types, including chrome-on-glass, embedded phase shift, and alternating phase shift, at both 248nm and 193nm wavelengths
  • Higher productivity than previous generation systems
  • Low false defect counts and improved defect categorization shortens time to review defects and minimizes operator review errors
  • Incorporates same data preparation system and software algorithms as benchmark TeraStar™ system
  • Includes same features and options as TeraStar, including TeraSim reticle defect printability software

The TeraScan reticle defect inspection system provides powerful technology and productivity features that enable maximum yields from today's complex low k1 reticles. Using a new DUV image acquisition system with proven Tera™ family inspection algorithms, the TeraScan reticle defect inspection system provides a higher sensitivity inspection than previous generations and the industry's lowest cost-of-ownership. It is the first reticle defect inspection system incorporating phase contrast to detect quartz defects for a thorough production inspection of advanced alternating phase shift reticles.

Comprehensive Reticle Inspection

For outgoing qualification, TeraScan's high sensitivity and throughput make it an ideal system for final pattern defect inspection in photomask manufacturing operations. For incoming qualification, TeraScan reticle defect inspection meets the wafer fab inspection requirements of sub-90nm node reticles, while offering the flexibility to inspect reticles used at 248nm and 193nm lithography wavelengths.


Photomask manufacturing and fab mask re-qualification


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