Wafer Surface Inspection System

Product Description

The Surfscan SP2 unpatterned wafer surface inspection tool provides the sensitivity and throughput required for qualification of current and next-generation substrates, as well as qualification and monitoring of process control tools. Incorporating UV laser technology, darkfield optics and advanced algorithms, the Surfscan SP2 wafer surface inspection tool finds wafer defects down to 30nm in size, and enables consistent, high sensitivity detection on engineered substrates such as strained silicon and SOI. This wafer surface inspection tool is a significant throughput increase over the prior-generation tool provides improved cost of ownership and faster time to results.

  • Advanced wafer surface inspection capabilities result in a single tool solution for three technology nodes - 90nm, 65nm and 45nm
  • Proprietary UV darkfield technology delivers ultimate sensitivity down to 30nm defect sizes and enables high sensitivity inspection of engineered substrates
  • Throughput enhancements produce a ≥2x throughput increase for tool qualification and a ≥5x throughput increase for wafer qualification
  • Comprehensive wafer surface inspection is provided in a single scan, including darkfield inspection (scattering defects), haze measurement (wafer surface quality), and a new data channel for imaging spatially extended surface anomalies
  • Normal or oblique illumination and a larger axisymmetric multi-channel collection system enable the highest defect capture at production throughputs
  • Faster root-cause analysis is driven by a >2x improvement in coordinate accuracy and real-time defect classification capability


Wafer: In addition to performing inline process control, the Surfscan SP2 enables wafer surface-quality control monitoring using SPC haze charts and final wafer qualification of both traditional and engineered substrates.

IC: The Surfscan SP2 wafer surface inspection system is used for process tool qualification and monitoring in all modules; incoming wafer surface quality control of traditional and engineered substrates; and wafer surface-quality control monitoring using SPC haze charts.

OEM:  The Surfscan SP2 wafer surface inspection system is well-suited for process tool qualification, including atomic layer deposition and single-wafer cleaning systems.

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