Unpatterned Surface Inspection System

Product Description

For applications where exceptional sensitivity on rough films is required, the SP1 can be configured with KLA-Tencor's unique Triple-Beam Illumination™ (TBI) technology. Adding an oblique illumination beam to the SP1's standard optical configuration, SP1TBI provides the sensitivity required to detect extremely small defects on rough films for the development and production of advanced 0.18/0.13 µm devices.

SP1TBI also enhances the ability to capture and distinguish all variations of pits -- including crystal originated pits, or COPs -- from particles. This is a critical requirement for wafer and IC manufacturers who need to reliably detect and disposition wafers based on these different defect types, in turn speeding root cause analysis of defect problems.

The TBI option maintains the SP1's axi-symmetric design and also allows the use of Adaptive Collection Optics. With this feature, software-controlled spatial filters are used to optimize the configuration of the collection optics for the highest signal-to-noise ratio for superior capture of defects on different substrate surfaces.

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