Unpatterned Surface Inspection for Yield-Limiting Defects
surfscansp1dls Product Description
The Surfscan SP1DLS unpatterned wafer inspection system captures yield-limiting defects down to 50nm at high throughput, to accelerate yield learning rates across all process modules at the 0.13µm design rule and below. With complete defectivity and haze information provided in a single scan, the Surfscan SP1DLS delivers the information required for wafer and integrated circuit manufacturers to rapidly develop and ramp their processes for advanced device production.
  • Dual-laser illumination with simultaneous darkfield and brightfield modes enables detection of a wide range of yield-limiting defects at a high capture rate in a single pass
  • Simultaneous collection of haze information provides detailed information on wafer surface quality
  • The optional Backside Inspection Module (BSIM) provides fully automated, non-destructive inspection of the backsides of unpatterned and patterned (product) wafers
  • Real-time defect classification (RTDC) enables filtering of nuisance defects and noise, and accelerates root-cause analysis
  • Matching with the industry-leading Surfscan SP1TBI platform allows the transfer of recipes and calibration curves from the Surfscan SP1TBI
  • Full wafer-edge handling capability enables inspection for frontside defects without backside contact
  • Bridge platform supports 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes and meets 300mm factory automation requirements


Wafer: With high sensitivity to a wide variety of yield-limiting defects and simultaneous collection of haze data, the Surfscan SP1DLS provides wafer manufacturers with fast and accurate process development and final inspection capabilities to accelerate yield learning rates.

IC: The Surfscan SP1DLS is used for process monitoring and tool qualification in all modules; incoming quality control of substrates; and for minimizing yield-limiting defects during advanced process development.

OEM: With high sensitivity at high throughput, the Surfscan SP1DLS is well-suited for the characterization and qualification of process tools.

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