Advanced Optical Thin Film Metrology

Product Description

SpectraFx 100, KLA-Tencor's next generation optical thin film metrology solution, offers cutting-edge capabilities that meet thin film measurement process control requirements for the 90nm node, including 193nm deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography processes. Designed to fully support next-generation and "operator free" 300mm fabs with advanced automation and tool-to-tool matching capabilities, the SpectraFx 100 optical thin film measurement system enables foundries and other multi-product high-volume chip manufacturers to reduce the process development time for advanced materials and accelerate their adoption into volume production.

  • Accelerates adoption of advanced thin films for volume production of 90nm devices
  • Resolution™ optics enables thin film metrology across a continuous wavelength spectrum from 220nm to 900nm with the option to extend down to 190nm
  • Enhanced pattern recognition accelerates and facilitates recipe generation and setup between process tools, resulting in less operator error, greater ease of use, and improved availability of the optical metrology solution for production
  • Enables extensive product wafer monitoring required for 193nm deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography processes
  • Provides extensive monitoring and characterization required to accurately measure advanced thin films, such as anti-reflective coatings (ARCs), silicon on insulator (SOI), and silicon germanium (SiGe).
  • Fully supports SEMI E84, E87, E40, E90, and E94 requirements for communication to automation tracks and materials process flow.
  • Delivers the precision, stability, and matching required for advanced thin film-measurement applications for 90nm device production
  • Achieves exceptional tool-to-tool matching (0.001-0.003 refractive index)
  • Enables the use of a small spot size on product wafers (down to 40 x 40 microns), eliminating the use of monitor wafers


Diffusion films: Complete diffusion solution with SWE, SE, and AccuFilm technologies for ultra thin gate oxides, gate ARC layers, ultra thin ONO, high k, silicon-on- insulator (SOI) substrates, and silicon germanium (SiGe) stacks.

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD): SE and DBS film measurement capabilities cover a wide range of film thicknesses with a single recipe for multi-layer ARC, hard mask stacks, and copper dual-damascene low-k stacks.

Chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP): Industry's smallest SE measurement area enables post-copper CMP dielectric stack measurements. Best-in-class robust pattern recognition and improved Auto Model Select (AMS) features benefit post-copper CMP and other high-end CMP processes. Measurement capability on patterned metrology targets permits better CMP process control.

Lithography: SE and DUV technologies with wavelength range down to 190 nm determine critical lithography measurements of photoresist and ARC (thickness and RI) for advanced resist development, layer characterization, and process control. 

Etch: SE technology allows stable, precise film measurements on poly gate, dielectric via, and trench etch.

Metallization: SE technology also allows production-worthy measurement of ultra-thin physical vapor deposition (PVD), CVD, and atomic layer deposition (ALD) metal stacks with high optical extinction coefficients such as Co and Ni salicides, thin TI/TIN liner/barriers, copper barriers, CoWP, Ta, TaN/Ta, and TISIN.

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