Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

altProduct Description

  • Provides process control information beyond one-dimensional CD.
  • Offers real-time site-by-site CD, height or depth, sidewall angle and profile information with each measurement for maximum productivity.
  • Performs thin film and CD metrology using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) technology system, enabling extensive process control feedback from a single tool.
  • The small spot Spectroscopic Ellipsometry design of the ASET-F5x system allows targets as small as 50x50 microns to be used, making it the first production-worthy implementation of Spectroscopic Scatterometry technology.
  • Improved precision and matching address requirements called for by the International Technology Roadmap.
  • High throughput and short MAM (move-acquire-measure) time allow for increased sampling plans necessary for process tool qualification, research and development, and 300 mm production.

CD Metrology Solution

This spectroscopic cd system adds to KLA-Tencor CD Metrology Solution by providing precise CD and profile information. This spectroscopic cd system is compatible with iRecipe recipe management software and iSupport system support. Compatibility with KLA-Tencor analysis products such as ProDATA are planned to offer common analysis with KLA-Tencor's 8450 CD-SEM.

The SpectraCD 100 spectroscopic cd system is more than a CD tool -- it is an advanced metrology system designed for in-line CD measurement and process monitoring. The SpectraCD combines spectroscopic CD technology with thin film spectroscopic ellipsometry to provide the most comprehensive lithography and etch process control feedback available. This spectroscopic CD system includes an offline library generation system providing complete ownership of the SpectraCD library generation process.

This spectroscopic CD system accurately determines CD at any point of the profile, line height or trench depth, and sidewall angle from its spectroscopic CD measurements on special grating targets. The cross section profile is also determines. The SpectraCD measurement technology is complemented by the full range of thin film measurements presently available on KLA-Tencor’s industry leading ASET-F5x.

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