Highly Sensitive, High-Throughput Patterned Wafer Inspection

Product Description


The Puma 9000D and 9000S patterned wafer inspectors introduce the innovative StreakTM technology, combining laser line scanning with a multi-pixel imaging sensor for optimal defect sensitivity at production throughputs for the 65nm node and beyond. Commonality with KLA-Tencor's 23xx/28xx brightfield inspectors and several ease-of-use features facilitate the rapid integration of the Puma 9000 Series into the production environment.
  • Innovative darkfield imaging technology, high data rates and small pixel sizes provide improved resolution and high sensitivity to critical defects without compromising throughput
  • Improved pattern-filtering capabilities provide enhanced sensitivity on DRAM, SRAM and flash memory structures
  • Modular design enables flexible configurations for application-specific solutions at the lowest possible cost of ownership
    • 9000D: High sensitivity at required throughput for non-critical etch and photo, in-line process control and tool monitoring applications
    • 9000S: High-throughput process control and line monitoring for CMP and films layers
  • Platform commonality with KLA-Tencor's 23xx/28xx broadband brightfield inspectors and eDR-5200 review system reduces operator training time and facilitates faster production integration
  • Brightfield recipe import and recipe optimization on KLA-Tencor's eDR-5200 review system enable operators to produce more accurate Puma inspection recipes in less time


Shallow Trench Isolation (STI): Enhanced capture of void signatures at production throughputs makes the Puma 9000D an effective and efficient inspector at STI.

Etch: Unique Streak darkfield imaging technology and production-proven algorithms allow increased sensitivity to bridging, shorts, and other pattern defects in the etch process.

CMP: Enhanced resolution allows increased capture of critical micro-scratch defects for improved process monitoring on CMP process layers.

Films: Unique darkfield imaging architecture and flexible polarization options deliver high defect capture and effective nuisance suppression, even on rough, grainy surfaces.


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