altProduct Description

The ASET-F5x thin film metrology system can measure materials across a continuous wavelength spectrum from 190 nm to 800 nm—a critical feature for meeting the stringent thin film measurement requirements down to 0.1 micron geometries.

  • Accurate measurements of complex multi-layer thin film stacks using spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE)
  • Precisely measures advanced, ultra-thin gate dielectric films
  • Develops and optimizes thin film dispersion models offline
  • Provides the thin film measurement accuracy, repeatability, and system-to-system matching required to monitor advanced ICs with geometries as small as 0.1 micron
  • Provides critical measurements for thin film deposition, CMP, lithography, and etch applications
  • Capable of measuring wafer bow wafer stress


Diffusion Thin Films/Film Deposition: Complete diffusion thin film solution in single-wavelength ellipsometry (SWE) and SE technologies. SE and dual-beam spectrophotometry (DBS) measurement capabilities cover a wide range of thin film thicknesses and indices with a single recipe.

CMP: Unique capability to determine transparent thin film thickness on a metal array. Best-in-class robust pattern recognition and auto model select features are an added advantage for accurate and fast model recognition, especially for CMP processes.

Lithography: SE and DUV spectrometry technologies determine critical lithography measurements including photoresist and BARC (bottom anti-reflective coating) thickness.

Etch: SE technology has the capability to compensate for surface roughness, which enables more accurate and precise refractive index (RI) measurement for etch to thin films. SE also allows precise and stable measurements of top layer thin film for etch to clear films.

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