Advanced Optical Metrology

Product Description

Archer XT+ is KLA-Tencor's latest generation advanced optical metrology solution for the > 45-nm node. Based on the widely adopted Archer platforms, the tool further reduces the measurement uncertainty (>50%) associated with traditional overlay metrology at shrinking design rules. Compared with previous-generation solutions, the Archer XT+ provides a 20 percent throughput increase, improving yield and cost of ownership (CoO).

  • Improved optics design with reduced lens aberrations enhance tool-induced shift (TIS) measurement, variability, and matching results
  • Better distinction on low-contrast target, measurement stability, and stepper correction accuracy
  • Recipe Database Manager (RDM) software decreases set up time, while boosting reliability and traceability of measurement recipes
  • Archer Analyzer software option analyzes Archer XT+ results on-tool to deliver critical litho cell corrections


Overlay Metrology Enables overlay budget tightening for ??45-nm technology nodes; measures overlay registration; provides 3D data for focusing and image enhancement. Virtually perfect optical alignment allows maximum accuracy and matching. An active isolation system minimizes vibration for best precision.

CMP The AIM grating target is designed to fit CMP design rules, without leaving any large open areas on the printed target. This enables printing a target with high mark fidelity and measurement with higher accuracy.

Lithography Increases overall equipment effectiveness of lithography cell tools. Reliably and accurately measures in exact process conditions for better stepper matching and lithography process control.

Wafer Surface Focus and Analysis A patented, field-proven white light interferometric technique utilizing 3D information allows for more accurate, repeatable focus position from actual wafer surface.

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