Advanced Optical Overlay Metrology Equipment

Product Description

  • New overlay grating targets dramatically improve stepper correction accuracy, provide data that correlates precisely to in-device overlay performance, enable design rule segmentation by layer to meet specific customer requirements, and deliver increased robustness to CMP processing
  • Delivers industry-leading precision performance and reduces total measurement uncertainty (TMU)
  • Throughput of 150 300-mm wph enables a targeted 25% increase in sampling rate over previous-generation platform
  • Offline automatic recipe creation reduces cost of ownership, improves tool utilization, and increases traceability and reliability of measurement recipes
  • Archer Analyzer real-time, on-tool analysis software provides mission-critical feedback, including analysis results for wafer lot dispositioning, stepper performance, and problem troubleshooting
  • MPX option enables 'on product' monitoring of focus-exposure to meet sub-130-nm process window requirements

Archer AIM targets new standards for lithography process control equipment for 65-nm and beyond. An industry first, Archer AIM leverages a new grating-style technology to significantly reduce the measurement uncertainty associated with traditional overlay metrology for sub-100-nm design rules.

By providing data that correlates precisely to in-device overlay performance, the Archer AIM equipment enables lithographers to control their overlay error budgets for 65-nm and below production. In addition to reducing the costly wafer rework and scrap associated with overlay errors, Archer AIM enables chip manufacturers to accelerate their transition to future technology nodes.

Optical Overlay Metrology Process Control
The Archer AIM equipment integrates with KLA-Tencor's leading software management products, including Archer Analyzer stepper performance analysis, RDM recipe database management, and iSupport™ remote assistance and tool maintenance, to provide comprehensive optical overlay metrology process control.

Upgrade from Archer 10XT overlay system advanced overlay metrology equipment.

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