Automated Optical Overlay Metrology

Product Description

  • Enables control of overlay error budget for sub-90-nm production
  • Provides a 25 percent increase in throughput over previous generation systems
  • Allows consistent, reliable, and robust measurement of low-contrast targets, including STI processing
  • Provides a 30 percent improvement in precision and 50 percent reduction in TIS variability over previous generation systems
  • Increases overall equipment effectiveness of lithography cell tools
  • Archer Analyzer real-time, on-tool analysis software provides mission-critical feedback, including analysis results for wafer lot dispositioning, stepper correction, and problem troubleshooting
  • MPX option enables 'on product' monitoring of focus-exposure to meet sub-130-nm process window requirements

Archer 10XT incorporates significant improvements in throughput, precision, and TIS variability over previous generation systems. This system is one of the industry's most user-friendly and competitive cost-of-ownership overlay solutions for 300-mm manufacturing at the sub-90-nm node. Archer 10XT, the platform for the Archer AIM overlay system and its advanced grating-style technology, is upgradeable to Archer AIM.

Optical Overlay Metrology Process Control
Archer 10XT integrates with KLA-Tencor's leading software management products, including Archer Analyzer stepper analysis, RDM recipe database management, and iSupport™ remote assistance and tool maintenance, to provide comprehensive optical overlay metrology process control.

Upgrade to Archer AIM advanced overlay metrology solution

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