High-throughput scanning for patterned wafer inspection

Product Description

  • Adjusts dynamically to all die regions to deliver maximum sensitivity and improved detection of killer defects in a single scan, regardless of pattern density.
  • Features faster recipe setup, fewer setup parameters, improved recipe robustness, and user-friendly setup templates.
  • Enables improved cost of ownership through use of larger spot sizes with similar sensitivity results.
  • Extends a fab's inspection capability while leveraging existing learning and capital investment in the AIT II and AIT III.
  • Enables process monitoring and copper CMP inspection through enhanced signal-to-noise and nuisance filtering.

The 23xx series, the AIT series, and the eS30 form part of a KLA-Tencor strategy that combines inspection technologies that traditionally were isolated, such as brightfield/darkfield and e-beam. This combination offers fabs a new, customized strategy for capturing and controlling defects.

An overall defect-control solution to accelerate yield
Capturing defects is only the first part of defect control. Another critical component is the ability to identify sources of defects quickly so the problem with the process or equipment can be resolved with minimum yield impact. This requires efficient and effective defect review, classification, and analysis. KLA-Tencor delivers an overall solution through the most comprehensive range of defect reduction and control technology available. This includes optical and e-beam inspection systems; a UV reticle inspection system that ensures capture of all defect types; automated defect review and classification systems; and data analysis products that manage, correlate, and integrate the wealth of defect data and images from these and other tools.

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