Micro-Defect Inspection System

Product Description

  • Double-darkfield laser scanning technology
  • High defect sensitivity and throughput control for critical yield limiting defect types
  • Defects reported in small region of interest, then can be binned and reviewed with ADC
  • Monitor excursions and signal rework in real-time to reduce cost of processing bad wafers

KLA-Tencor's AITTFH in-line pattern wafer defect inspection system offers exceptional sensitivity and throughput needed by today's advanced thin film head manufacturing fabs for a broad range of patterned wafer tool monitoring applications, including deposition, CMP, critical etch, and photo modules.

Based on proprietary double-darkfield (DDF) laser scanning technology, the AITTFH is able to detect pattern defects, particulate contamination, residue, and scratches at over 40 wafers per hour with maximum sensitivity, independent of device type. With this capability, fabs can inspect every device on every wafer in every lot quickly and efficiently. With repeatable, statistically significant sampling, fabs can make critical go/no-go decisions with high degrees of confidence.

100% Entire Lot, Full Wafer and Die Defect Inspection Solutions

Cost per inspection is the lowest in the industry, making it economically feasible to perform in-line process monitoring at more process levels. This allows for immediate excursion alerts to reduce impact to yields. The AITTFH sensitivity to critical defects also facilitates yield learning and improvement, both of which are vital to reducing product ramp rates. This level of automated inspection has never been available for TFH manufacturers - until now.