Broadband Optical Patterned Wafer Defect Inspection Systems
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Product Description

The 283x Series broadband optical inspection tools with PowerBroadband™ technology capture subtle wafer defects and provide better discrimination between defects of interest and nuisance defects. This improved sensitivity to critical defects of interest is achieved at twice the data rate of the 281x predecessor, delivering high productivity broadband optical defect inspection capability for faster resolution of process issues at the 3Xnm and 2Xnm design nodes. The 2830 and 2835 broadband optical inspectors are part of a portfolio of wafer defect inspection tools that accelerate the development and production ramp of memory and logic devices.

  • PowerBroadband, an exclusive, high-brightness light source, enables optical modes that deliver increased resolution, contrast and layer penetration control for capture of a broader range of yield-critical defect types
  • Optical modes, including Broadband Directional E-Field™, provide improved top-layer discrimination and increased signal-to-noise, resulting in higher DOI capture and fewer nuisance defects
  • An improved image computer and PowerBroadband deliver higher productivity broadband optical defect inspection capability compared to the 281x Series, enabling high sensitivity in production, increased sampling for tighter process control, or lower cost of ownership
  • Upgradeability from 28xx broadband wafer defect inspection tools provides fabs with a cost-efficient means to extend the performance of their existing broadband optical inspectors

XP is an upgrade option for 281x, 282x and 283x broadband optical wafer defect inspectors that uses standard IC design layout information (GDS format) to improve the capture of yield-relevant defects during inspection. In addition, several tools in the XP package reduce the time required for defect inspection recipe setup and improve recipe quality, providing increased tool capacity, better sensitivity and faster time to results.



Lithography: The 283x Series inspection tools use PowerBroadband and Broadband Directional E-Field to produce the high sensitivity and layer-penetration control required to detect critical pattern defects for after-develop inspection (ADI) and photo-cell monitoring (PCM) applications. The XP option package provides improved process window qualification (PWQ) performance, helping engineers to quickly identify sources of systematic yield loss throughout the lithography process module.

Etch: Used in critical etch line monitoring applications, the 283x Series broadband optical inspection tools with PowerBroadband and Broadband Directional E-Field capture micro-bridges, nano-bridges, bottom bridges, protrusions, and other yield-limiting etch defect types.

CMP: PowerBroadband and Broadband Directional E-Field improve top-layer discrimination on CMP layers for increased capture of voids and other critical CMP defects, enabling engineers to quickly find and fix yield-loss sources in the process module.


Additional Products


282x Series: Provides high sensitivity at high production throughputs for ≤32nm logic and memory devices.

281x Series: High sensitivity production solution for ≤55nm memory devices and ≤45nm logic devices.

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