Broadband Brightfield DUV/UV/VIS Inspection

Product Description

The 2800 Series is the next-generation broadband DUV/UV/VIS patterned wafer inspection platform for sub-65-nm design rule development and production. With its multiple wavelengths, ultimate sensitivity, and extendibility, the 2800 Series enables the widest-ranging defect capture for all process layers.

  • Delivers maximum sensitivity and the best material contrast to detect critical defects across all layers
  • Provides 2X better throughput than previous-generation DUV tool
  • Features a roadmap that extends the platform to 45-nm and beyond design rules
  • Offers an array of optical modes to provide optimal sensitivity level for particular layers, designs, or process types
  • Accelerates time to results and yield learning with advanced binning and realtime defect classification
  • Designed to include DUV broadband wavelengths in a single tool, greatly improving defect detection

Sophisticated Applications
As with its sister tools in the 23XX brightfield inspection family, the 2800 Series is suited for unique applications that can accelerate yield learning and, ultimately, yield.

  • Photo Cell Monitoring (PCM), using optimized test wafers with the 2800, enables fabs to quickly identify and eliminate lithography-related micro defects before rolling out product wafers.
  • Process Window Qualification (PWQ) leverages an intelligent wafer layout inspection on the 2800 to identify reticle design errors on phase shift masks.
  • Micro After-Develop Inspection (ADI) uses the color noise suppression and high sensitivity of the 2800 to find yield-limiting photo integration defects on production wafers.

Comprehensive Defect Inspection Portfolio
The 2800 Series brightfield inspection family complements the Puma 9000 Series next-generation darkfield inspection platform. Together with our eS3x electron-beam inspection (EBI) system, these tools facilitate a comprehensive defect inspection strategy that enables fabs to capture all defects on all layers, without compromise.

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