IC Component Inspection

Product Description

The ICOS® T3 Series provides high performance, fully automated optical inspection of packaged integrated circuit (IC) components with tray output. The ICOS T3 Series incorporates the new SPECTRUM and SIGMA modules, producing increased 2D and 3D measurement sensitivity for improved detection of issues that affect final package quality. Advanced handling capability supports an array of device types and sizes, with options that produce extremely high throughput for improved cost of ownership. With its highly flexible design, the ICOS T3 supports a wide range of inspection requirements – with base configurations that minimize cost of ownership and advanced models that support more complex package quality determination requirements. The ICOS T3 Series shares a common platform with the ICOS T7 Series, enabling reconfiguration from tray to tape output for optimal tool use in a changing environment.


  • New 3D metrology module produces industry-leading accuracy
  • 3D inspection of any object: ball, leads, passive devices, solder pads, etc.
  • 3D scan of surfaces to detect and measure dents, bulges
  • Accurate component height measurement


  • New 2D Package Visual Inspection (PVI) module enables inspection of both the top and bottom of the device, utilizing very high resolution with a large field of view (FOV) for increased homogeneity
  • Color inspection to find defects, such as discoloration on EMI shields and exposed bond wire
  • Embedded xCrack+ option that provides accurate detection of die micro-crack defects that can cause thinner components to fail
  • Color review imaging

5S Inspection

  • High-Speed 5S+ (HS5S+) and SPECTRUM options enable inspection of the sides of the devices for voids, delamination, cracks and other defect types
  • Different resolutions and color inspection capability supports different production requirements

Advanced Handling

  • Dynamic tray compensation and other features enable handling of the smallest devices available in trays
  • Ultrafast handling option allows four rows of devices to be inspected on one pickup cycle, resulting in unprecedented throughput

Supports all IC package types

  • Leads: Thin Quad Flat Package (TQFP), Quad Flat Package (QFP)
  • Balls: BGA, Chip Scale Package (CSP), Wafer-Level Package (WLP)
  • Pads: QFN, Bump Chip Carrier (BCC)
  • Lands: Land Grid Array (LGA)
  • Package-on-Package (PoP): Interconnect

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ICOS T3 and T7 Series Product Overview