Thermal MAP 3Thermal MAP® 3 is the most intelligent acquisition and analysis system available for measuring in situ wafer temperature. This sophisticated wafer temperature measurement system provides outstanding accuracy, precision, and resolution for both transient and steady-state measurements, delivering concise, informative graphic representations of temperature ramp-up, steady state, and ramp-down for rapid optimization.

Thermal MAP combines the best of technology in a complete wafer temperature measurement system – sophisticated electronics for data acquisition with advanced, wireless ISIS 5 hardware, and powerful, graphical software for visualization and analysis.

Wireless data communication between the laptop and the ISIS 5 allows the wafer temperature measurement system to be located for maximum operator convenience, with easy placement of the data acquisition module close to the process chamber.

Thermal MAP wafer temperature measurement system offers you powerful tools for optimizing your process - you can:

  • Develop contour and surface maps to aid correlation to thickness and resistivity maps.
  • Create animation for rapid viewing of temperature profile changes during the process.
  • Perform run-to-run and within run analysis.

The Thermal MAP wafer temperature measurement software is available in both a full edition, which includes acquisition and analysis software modules for use with Process Probe® instrumented wafers, and an analysis only edition, which can be used for analyzing data acquired through other SensArray systems, such as the hand-held ThermalTrack™ 5.


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