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Product Description

The Teron 630 Series is the latest in the Teron 600 Series of 193nm-wavelength reticle inspection systems. Designed for defect inspection of optical and EUV reticles during both photomask development and production, the Teron 630 targets the 1Xnm logic and 2Xnm half-pitch memory nodes. This defect inspection system for photomask production also provides full capability for older generation reticles.

The Teron 630 photomask defect inspection system relies on advanced imaging modes, low-noise operation, third-generation database modeling and sophisticated defect detectors to enable high defect sensitivity on the most challenging reticle types, including quartz etch. To support EUV production, the system is ultra-clean with EUV-compatible reticle handling and EUV dual-pod support. The Teron 630 photomask defect inspection system also has special inspection modes available to detect particles on blanks and surface phase defects on EUV blanks.

The Teron 630 photomask defect inspection system supports a mix-and-match strategy with other KLA-Tencor systems for cost-effective reticle manufacturing of critical and non-critical layers within a reticle set. The Teron 630 Series is offered in several models and configurations to meet the varied needs of reticle manufacturers.

The Teron 630 Series also includes:

  • 193nm wavelength laser, optics, auto-focus, and sensor for low-noise imaging
  • Higher sensitivity setting for the most critical reticles and lower sensitivity, higher throughput setting for less critical reticles
  • Multiple detection modes, including die-to-database, die-to-die, STARlight, CDU, and blank modes
  • Selectable imaging modes to provide the necessary signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) to ensure defect-free 1Xnm generation reticles, whether optical reticles with complex OPC or EUV reticles
  • High performance stage for accurate location of defects
  • Recipe compatibility with other KLA-Tencor models for easy integration and capacity optimization

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