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Overlay and Litho CD Metrology Systems

Archer 500 Archer 300 LCM

Product Description

The ArcherTM 500 is a high performance overlay metrology system for development and high volume manufacturing of advanced patterning processes at the 2Xnm/1Xnm design nodes. Offering improved precision and measurement speed compared to the previous-generation Archer 300, the Archer 500 overlay metrology system meets the strict specifications required to measure and characterize the overlay error on multi-patterning lithography layers. The Archer 500 serves as an independent source of overlay metrology data within the lithography cell, utilizing an innovative multi-layer target to provide lithographers with precise, fast feedback on layer-to-layer and within-layer overlay error for complex patterning technologies.

  • Improvements to the optical subsystems and platform result in better overlay measurement specifications than the previous-generation Archer 300 overlay metrology system, including:
    • Tighter precision and total measurement uncertainty (TMU)
    • Better measurement repeatability
    • Faster move-acquire-measure (MAM) time and wafer throughput
    • Improved matching
  • New illumination options enable overlay measurement capability on a wide range of lithography layers, including challenging thin resist stacks and new materials, such as opaque hard masks
  • New multi-layer target offers an innovate approach for measuring all possible combinations of layer-to-layer and within-layer overlay data from the same target image
  • In-field overlay measurement capability, enabled by the small AIMidTM target, helps chipmakers fully utilize high-order scanner corrections to improve patterning accuracy
  • Matching to previous-generation Archer 200 and Archer 300 overlay metrology systems preserves the factory’s baseline and enables rapid production integration
  • Seamless integration with K-T AnalyzerTM, an advanced overlay analysis system, provides immediate feedback on the quality of the lithography process and real-time data for overlay error corrections
  • Connectivity with Recipe Database Manager (RDM), a centralized database of production-proven recipe components, improves fab productivity by reducing setup time and increasing the reliability of measurement recipes
  • Extendible platform protects a fab’s capital investment


Multi-Patterning Technologies: The implementation of complex multi-patterning technologies reduces the tolerable overlay error to just a few nanometers at 2X/1Xnm design nodes. The Archer 500’s improved overlay measurement capability provides the tighter precision and TMU specifications required to measure overlay error on multi-patterning layers. Using the innovative multi-layer target, lithographers can obtain numerous combinations of layer-to-layer and intra-layer overlay data from the same target image, enabling characterization of the complex overlay issues affecting multi-patterning techniques. Finally, lithographers can cost-effectively take more measurements across the wafer using the smaller AIMid target and the Archer 500 overlay metrology system’s higher measurement speed. This increased measurement sampling enables improved process control for multi-patterning technologies.

In-line Monitoring: For high volume manufacturing, the Archer 500’s fast measurement speed and high precision enable quick identification of wafers with overlay error exceeding the required specifications. In addition, the new illumination options on the Archer 500 overlay metrology system enable overlay measurements on a wide variety of layers that use new materials associated with 2X/1Xnm IC process integration schemes. The overlay error data collected during production is seamlessly integrated with the K-T Analyzer analysis system to help lithographers accurately disposition wafers, reduce unnecessary wafer rework, and minimize the cycle time required to address variations in lithography tool performance.

Scanner Qualification: The Archer 500 overlay metrology system provides the high performance overlay measurement capability required to qualify scanners to improve patterning accuracy on advanced design node devices. With fast measurement speed and the use of smaller AIMid targets, the Archer 500 overlay metrology system can take more measurements across the wafer, generating the data required to instruct the scanner to make complex, higher-order corrections. These higher-order corrections are required to manage the tighter overlay tolerances encountered at advanced design nodes.

Additional Products


Archer 300 LCM: Utilizing both imaging- and scatterometry-based measurement modules, provides high performance, cost-effective characterization of overlay error and critical dimension (CD) on lithography process layers for 2Xnm patterning technologies.

For other overlay and litho CD metrology systems, please see K-T Certified.

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