Metrology Solutions

Metrology is a critical discipline in the production of high performance, reliable tools and devices. Whether verifying that a design will be manufacturable, characterizing a new process, or monitoring high-volume manufacturing processes, our comprehensive set of metrology solutions, analysis and process window optimization solution gives IC manufacturers the ability to maintain tight control of their processes.

Overlay Metrology Solutions

Optical CD Metrology Solutions

  • SpectraShape: Optical critical-dimension (CD) and shape metrology solutions

Film Thickness / Index Metrology Solutions

  • SpectraFilm Family: Film thickness, refractive index (RI) and stress metrology system for leading-edge applications
  • Aleris Family: Film thickness, refractive index (RI), stress and composition metrology solutions for a range of critical and non-critical films applications
  • Surfscan SPx: Integrated SURFmonitor metrology module provides full-wafer maps that correlate to film properties, for blanket film

Wafer Metrology, Geometry and Topography Solutions

  • WaferSight PWG: Wafer thickness, shape and flatness metrology solutions
  • Surfscan SPx: Integrated SURFmonitor metrology module indicates sub-Angstrom surface topography variation on blanket films and bare substrates

Implant and Anneal Metrology Solutions

Surface Profiling Solutions

  • HRP-x50: Automated, stylus-based wafer surface profilers for topographic surface metrology


  • RS-x00: Sheet resistance mapping solutions

Reticle Pattern Placement Metrology Solutions

  • IPRO Series: Reticle pattern placement metrology solutions

All Surface Inspection and Metrology Tools

  • CIRCL Inspection, metrology and review cluster solutions for all wafer surfaces

Data Management Tools

  • K-T Analyzer: Data analysis solution for overlay and CD metrology data
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