SP1/TBI: L1BOA Basic Operations and Applications

The SP1TBI Operations and Overview course introduces users to the Surfscan® SP1/SP1TBI unpatterned wafer inspection tool as well as to the applications of the system. The course is intended for process and/or yield engineers who either use or manage the systems in wafer fabrication areas and other users who have little or no experience with the system. Participants will learn theoretical principles behind various operating parameters, how to apply this knowledge to specific situations, and how to effectively manage the system database.

    • Audience
      • Process and Yield Engineers
      • Operators
      • Applications Engineers
    • Prerequisites
      • Familiarity with wafer manufacturing processes
      • Good computer skills.
    • Length - 5 days


Upon completion student will be able to:

  • Explain the basic principles of system operation
  • Identify appropriate system parameters for specific applications, including:
    • Selection of incident and collection polarizations
    • Selection of appropriate film and/or calibration curve
    • Validation of recipe settings for min defect, max defect, and expected haze
  • List system features and functions of specific components
  • Properly start up and shut down the system
  • Build and optimize a recipe for wafer haze and min defect
  • Scan wafers for particle defects and surface features in both darkfield and brightfield channels
  • Accurately interpret scan results and display data
  • Use a microview to distinguish particle defects from background noise
  • Import and export sessions, recipes and components
  • Create or modify a calibration curve
  • Set up and manage multiple users
  • Use system features to find possible solutions to problems encountered while operating the tool
  • Demonstrate competent tool usage and wafer handling techniques
  • Show proficiency on course concepts and objectives by completing a comprehensive, open-book assessment with a minimum score of 80%
Course Outline


    • SP1TBI Operations and Features
    • System Overview
    • System Operation
    • Defining and Using Sessions
    • Defining and Using Recipes
    • Recipe Recommendations
    • Reviewing and Interpreting Scan Results
    • System Components
    • Data Management
    • System User Management
    • Calibration

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