HRP-X40: L1BOA Basic Operations and Applications

This is an introductory training course for the operation and application of HRP, designed for process engineers in a wafer fabrication area. Instruction will provide the student with information on the functionality of major system components; efficient navigation through the software structure and features; and understanding of the limitations, sequence building, calibrations and applications of the HRP systems for both the contact and dipping modes. The course format combines lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts. Enrollment is limited to six students.

  • Audience - Process and Application Engineers
  • Prerequisite - none
  • Length - 5 days


Upon completion student will be able to:

  • Describe the stylus geometry and different radii
  • Describe how the capacitor sensor registers the displacement
  • Explain Groove Width Loss for Different Radii, Tip Angles, and Groove Depths
  • State the differences between long wave cutoff filters and short wave cutoff filters
  • Name and explain the three different classes of surface texture
  • Define TIR
  • Explain the overview functions of the top level menu
  • Explain the difference between sample stage vs. sensor stage
  • Show how to load a sample manually/automatically
  • Explain how to choose appropriate stylus (i.e. styli speed and force ranges)
  • Set up measurement parameters for short scan and long scan
  • Set up and save leveling and measurement cursors
  • Set up edge detection and its importance
  • Show how to edit a scan recipe and trace analysis screen
  • Show how to save, print, and review data
  • Set up measurement parameters for a 3-D scan recipe
  • Show how to manipulate 3-D scan data
  • Show how to export 3-D plots graphically
  • Create and run a sequence recipe
  • Explain differences between No Deskew, Manual DeSkew, and Pattern Recognition
  • Show how to teach a die grid and load a die grid
  • Explain the use of die grid in teaching scan location
  • Show auto verification of taught locations
  • Set up automatic handler operations
  • Set up a multi-analysis operation
  • Save, export, and print sequence data automatically
  • Set up a site-by-site pattern recognition
  • State the advantages of image processing/enhanced patter recognition
  • Perform a stylus change
  • Name & explain the purposes of the 4 calibrations
  • Perform and analyze the 4 calibrations
  • Fine tune scan position offset calibration check

Course Outline

  • HRP Theory and hardware
  • Sofware 2D and 3D recipes
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Sequence recipes
  • Changing of the Stylus
  • Calibrations
  • HRP Dipping Mode theory

Current Schedule

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