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Product Description

The eS805 electron beam inspection system captures leading-edge small physical defects and electrical defects on a wide range of layers and structures, supporting advanced process development and production monitoring. Upgradeable from any eS3x or previous eS8xx-series e-beam inspection system, the eS805 provides higher sensitivity and improved production throughputs. The eS805 e-beam wafer inspection system is part of a portfolio of advanced wafer defect inspection tools that accelerate the development and production ramp of advanced memory and logic devices.
  • New image computer supports faster throughput and advanced defect detection and binning algorithms for accelerated resolution of process integration issues
  • System architecture is designed to extract significant signal from electrical defects and small physical defects hidden at the bottom of high aspect ratio (HAR) structures such as FinFETs and 3D flash
  • Advanced algorithms, together with the new image computer and auto-focus system, enable efficient capture of small physical defects and electrical defects within non-periodic structures, such as logic areas of the cell
  • Wide operating conditions provide the flexibility required to capture electrical defects and small physical defects on a broad range of materials and layers, including low- and high-k dielectrics
  • Smart Array and noise reduction technologies enable inspection all the way to edge of the active array for capture of critical defects in the die areas that are first affected when a process starts drifting
  • Innovative TurboScanTM methodology inspects NAND flash contacts at up to ten times the speed of the eS35
  • Advanced classification techniques, including the integration of inline Defect Organizer (iDO), provide better nuisance filtering and the ability to separate defects by context for faster resolution of defect issues
  • Innovative µLoop® technology provides accelerated detection of systematic defects, with or without a test wafer, for faster root-cause analysis and new process characterization
  • Attention to ease-of-use, including the integration of Sensitivity Tuner, accelerates recipe setup
  • Shared user interface with other KLA-Tencor inspectors and review tools optimizes inspector capacity and reduce production integration time 


DRAM/SRAM/flash: The eS805’s improved capture of small physical and voltage contrast (VC) defects supports advanced memory development and production. Employing innovative algorithms and noise reduction technologies, the eS805 e-beam inspection system can inspect all the way to edge of the active array, finding critical small physical defects in the die areas where they first appear. TurboScan enables very high throughput for detection of contact defects on flash devices. The eS805’s e-beam inspection system architecture provides unique capability for detection of defects inside high aspect-ratio structures. With a wide range of operating conditions, the eS805 e-beam inspection system has strong performance on a variety of materials and layers, aiding the development of new process technologies such as high-k metal gates. Additional memory defects detected by electron beam metrology include: subtle under etch, poly piping, contact under etch, extra poly, capacitor shorts, poly stringers, electrical shorts, missing salicide and resistive contacts.

Logic: On logic devices, the eS805 electron beam inspection system provides sensitivity to very small physical defects and higher voltage contrast sensitivity for subtle under etch defects. Advanced binning algorithms allow defects to be classified by device structure. For example, opens on n-type can be separated from opens on p-type, enabling engineers to take appropriate corrective action to address underlying process issues. Additionally, with a broad range of operating conditions, electron beam metrology, with the eS805, can detect defects on a wide variety of materials and layers, helping engineers integrate new materials and leading-edge process technologies.

Additional Products

eS800     eS800 Series: High sensitivity to voltage contrast defects on a wide range of materials, and a path for upgrade to the eS805 e-beam inspection system and future extensions of the eS8xx product line.


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