Front-End Defect Inspection

KLA-Tencor’s front-end defect inspection tools cover the full range of yield applications within the IC chip manufacturing process, including incoming the wafer qualification process,the reticle qualification process, research and development, and tool, process and line monitoring. Patterned and unpatterned wafer defect inspection tools find particles, pattern defects and electrical issues on the front surface, back surface and edge of the wafer, allowing engineers to detect and monitor critical yield excursions within the IC chip manufacturing process. Fabs rely on our high sensitivity reticle defect inspection tools to ensure that reticles are defect-free thereby preventing reticle defects from printing on production wafers. The defect data generated by our defect inspection tools is compiled and reduced to relevant root-cause and yield-analysis information with our suite of data management tools. By implementing our front-end defect inspection tools and analysis systems, IC chip manufacturers are able to take quick corrective action, resulting in faster yield improvement and better time to market.

Patterned Wafer Defect Inspection Tools

  • 29xx/28xx: Broadband optical pattern defect inspection tools
  • Puma Family: Laser-based optical patterned defect inspection tools
  • eS800: Electron-beam defect inspection tools
  • 8900: 8900: High-speed brightfield/darkfield optical defect inspection tool

Macro and Edge Water Defect Inspection Tools

  • CIRCL Inspection, metrology and review cluster tool for all wafer surfaces
  • VisEdge Family Standalone wafer edge defect inspection, metrology and review tools
  • LDS: Standalone front side macro defect inspection tools

Unpatterned Wafer Defect Inspection Tools

  • Surfscan SPx: Wafer defect inspection tools for process tool qualification and monitoring using blanket films and bare wafers
  • SURFmonitor: Surfscan module for inspection of low-contrast defects

Reticle Inspection Tools

  • RAPID IC Fab Series: Photomask inspection tools allowing IC fabs to qualify incoming reticles and inspect production reticles for contaminants

Data Management Tools


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