Alpha-Step IQ Surface Profiler

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Easy-to-use inte- grated recipe,
live video, and analysis screen


The Alpha-Step IQ stylus-based surface profiler combines high measurement precision with versatility and economy. Ideal for semiconductor pilot lines and materials research, this advanced surface profiler enables faster process learning and higher yields. With guaranteed 8Ã… (1 sigma) or 0.1% step height repeatability and sub-angstrom resolution, the Alpha-Step IQ surface profiler provides excellent repeatability and performance to analyze and monitor surface profiling processes.

  • Provides advanced and customizable 2D surface profiling analysis capabilities
  • Enables easy location of surface profiling measurement features via saved site image with recipe.
  • Features excellent surface profiling process repeatability and reproducibility.
  • Precisely determines and analyzes thin step heights, surface microroughness, and overall form error on thin film surface coatings.
  • Provides sufficient vertical range for large topography variations.
  • Includes multiple language support for users with a worldwide presence.
  • Enables faster surface profiling analysis routines by applying saved sets of surface profiling analysis instructions.

Comprehensive Surface Profiler Solutions
The P-16 and P-16OF (3D benchtop surface profiler), Alpha-Step IQ (2D benchtop surface profiler), HRP 350 series (high resolution surface profiler) provide comprehensive surface metrology analysis and surface topography control solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding surface profiling applications.

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