Product Description

The CI-T120S and -T130S Component Inspection systems are configured for highly accurate metrology, and high-volume 2D bump and 3D bump inspection, of flip-chip substrates. These component inspection systems combine bump inspection, substrate top and bottom surface inspection, and substrate warpage inspection — all in one system. These component inspection systems can measure a wide range of package sizes and features with rapid changeover, making them ideal for quality control on flip-chip substrates. The CI-T130S component inspection version offers extended functionality, with inspection a larger range of substrate sizes
and allows more advanced illumination of the
bottom surface of the substrate.

  • 2D/3D bump metrology & inspection
    • Bump height inspection
    • Coplanarity
    • Bump diameter inspection
    • Bump position inspection
    • Missing / bridged bumps
    • Bump quality inspection
  • Surface inspection (top & bottom) :
    • Scratch
    • Foreign material
    • Pad damage
    • Chip-off
  • Substrate warpage inspection
  • Bottom inspection : pad / land inspection

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